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About the Corner:
Dr. Sandra E. Clifton, Ed. D.

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An Exciting Journey

est. 2006

After teaching high school English, speech, and drama in public schools for ten years, I moved from Indianapolis to New York City and joined an amazing team of teachers at Prep for Prep, a non-profit organization that prepares talented minority scholars for placement in independent schools. Continuing my work as an upper school educator in NYC, I taught at the Professional Children’s School, Poly Prep Country Day Upper School, and Packer Collegiate Institute while earning credentials to become an ICF-accredited professional life coach. I was then hired at the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University, where I served as a Program Coach and Master Trainer as part of the RULER team, helping schools integrate a curriculum of evidence-based skills in Social & Emotional Learning. In 2006, I opened the Clifton Corner, a private practice of educational support.


The Clifton Corner is a safe space of learning to support overwhelmed students who struggle with issues of perfection, motivation, organization, learning differences, and self-esteem. Through the tools of mindfulness, creativity, leadership and positive psychology, I promote self-discovery and personal accountability to help young people transform their identity to reach new goals of intellectual and personal growth, from middle school through college. I have a special affinity with both athletes and artists/musicians who shine with strengths outside of school—but may encounter challenges with time management, confidence, and/or academic insecurities in the classroom.  I know that young people are incredibly capable of succeeding both on and off the court, and love helping to create the right tools to support all of my students.


I also guide parents through curriculum decisions and school transitions to create more joy in the journey of learning, and serve as an independent consultant at schools and organizations to help promote a positive learning environment through seminars and professional workshops. Certified in NC, NJ & NY in English/Language Arts, Exceptional Children & Special Education, I advocate for the unique needs of Twice Exceptional & Highly Sensitive Students, and have been featured as an expert speaker and panelist by The Child Mind Institute, Park Slope Parents, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, Packer Collegiate Institute, Fordham University, WPIX, and CBS.  To view my speaking engagements, please visit this page.


As of October 12, 2023, I have now officially earned a Doctorate in Cognitive Diversity in order to ever-continue the exciting journey of serving my talented, thoughtful and sensitive students!

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Clifton Credibility

My clients deserve the gold-standard and, while always learning, I have dedicated over 30 years to bring an eclectic canvas of skills and experience to each session

with students and their families!


Sessions with Sandra can take place at the Corner

or via Skype, FaceTime, GoogleChats & Coaching Calls ~

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