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office building


 A Private Practice, est. 2006:

~ 14 Harwood Court in Scarsdale, New York ~

The Clifton Corner is located a cozy office in the Village of Scarsdale, New York.

Our "new" address is in the beautiful setting of Harwood Court, circa 1928.


You can travel via car--or the train station is just a two-minute walk to the office.

Please enter the lobby at either side of the building, and then just take the lift to the fourth floor.

My office is the first one you'll see when the elevator doors open.


Please Note: While a HEPA air filter is provided and windows can be opened,

at this time--and until further notice--masks are required if clients are feeling ill.


inner office hallway


Waiting  / Lobby Area

As I'm usually in a session, please wait outside of Suite #408

on the gray bench, and I will open the door to let you in when it's time for your appointment.

If in doubt, please knock before entering--thank you!


* Please use library voices while waiting,

as there are other professionals working in the building. *


Parents can step outside to explore the shops and cafes of lovely Scarsdale Village while waiting for their daughter or son.

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