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Twice-Exceptional Teens

Some days if feels like you have both a super-power....and a curse.

The journey of being Twice-Exceptional can be excruciating.



Your Superpower:  is definitely a gift.

You may be an incredibly intuitive leader or great at a particular sport; perhaps you're a musician or artist--it could also be that math is a passion or you rock at spelling bees.  There are a myriad of gifts and yours is special.  When you're in the zone, you're unstoppable--and you know you have a special purpose on this planet...if you're just allowed to follow this passion.


But you also hide a struggle--and this an opportunity to grow stronger.

But you also have a "significant stretch" in an area of your life that gives you grief.  Maybe you have a learning difference or test anxiety.  Regardless of a diagnosis, this part of your profile holds you back, causes despair and makes others question your work ethic.  At the end of the day, you're misunderstood--and exhausted. 



Sandra can help.  She understands the delicate dance between stretching and soaring and knows how hard it can be to "dance faster than anyone else" to disguise a learning difference.


In the meantime, here are some helpful links:

The Gifted Development Center

Parents of Twice-Exceptional Kids


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