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Social-Emotional Support

The Secret-Sauce to Success

Skills like developing a growth mindset and strategies for resilience,

curiosity, learned optimism, compassion, and courage

are the ingredients for reigniting joy in the journey of learning.

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Did you know....?

When kids participate in a program of Social and Emotional Intelligence, these skills and strategies help to lower risks like violence, substance abuse and bullying, while improving positive participation in class, attendance, and peer relationships.

Most impressively, academic achievement scores rise by an average of 11%. (Learn more here.)

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Certified in Emotional Literacy ~

I was chosen to serve on the RULER Team as a Master Trainer and Program Coach at the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University, and later became additionally certified with the Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence.

Now, each session in my private practice as an educational therapist integrates these core concepts into a learning plan designed to empower students with greater confidence in the classroom and guide families towards more harmony at home.

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Why GRIT is actually... glamorous !

Angela Duckworth, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a MacArthur Fellow, is a researcher on a little ingredient called grit--and how it can make a big difference, regardless of your learning profile:

"Duckworth has spent years studying people, trying to understand what it is that makes high achievers so successful. And what she found surprised even her. It wasn’t SAT scores. It wasn’t IQ scores. It wasn’t even a degree from a top-ranking business school that turned out to be the best predictor of success.

“It was this combination of passion and perseverance that made high achievers special,” Duckworth said.

“In a word, they had grit.”


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