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Executive Function Coaching



Time Management, Organizational Issues, & Focus

Everyone needs a little support to manage a complicated life~!

Sandra empowers students to accept their challenges and to develop strategies to tackle daily demands with foresight, preparation and imagination.  Learning tools to juggle due dates, break down projects into manageable tasks, and follow through with goals is one of her signature strengths in sessions.  As Edutopia highlights, "Cultivating these skills, the research suggests, should be a priority from elementary school through high school—and perhaps even into college—and executive function remains one of the most reliable predictors of success in academics and in life, beating out test scores, IQ, and socioeconomic status."  Learn more here!

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Patience, Perseverance & Persistence

Sandra understands that students need structure and support--but not necessarily from parents at home or through longer hours of investment at school.  Sessions at the Corner are an oasis midst pressures of perfection, motivation, intensity and overwhelm.  Sometimes it takes an individual out-of-the-picture to understand the larger landscape.  My private practice is created to be a special space that supports learning in an atmosphere of intellectual fun.  Clifton Corner provides a safe, creative environment--free of conflicting family demands and/or interruptions so that we can focus on achieving academic excellence together without other distractions and/or disruptions.
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Social & Emotional Support

In addition to strategic skills in Executive Functioning as an ICF- accredited academic coach, Sandra incorporates Social & Emotional Intelligence into each session to improve students' class participation, strengthen relationships with teachers/peers, highlight individual learning styles, increase extra-curricular involvement, and to enhance overall enthusiasm for the educational journey.


Being diagnosed with ADHD or EFD may be a reality, but it doesn't have to be a liability...
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Executive Functioning:

it means becoming an expert at juggling a variety of competing demands--!

Keeping track of due dates & deadlines by consistently  recording assignments in a planner.

Following through and meeting various teachers' expectations to turn in assignments and projects

on time!

Ongoing preparation for midterms and final exams to avoid cramming, all-nighters, & meltdowns...

Identifying priorities with extra-curricular activities and leadership positions.

Taking notes and keeping an organized system of binders, notebooks & backpack.

Anticipating glitches and preventing conflicts with important obligations and events.

It's all about practice...

and you don't have to learn it alone!

Sandra can help you develop the systems and strategies that work best for Y*O*U.
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