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Sessions with Sandra

Educational Therapy thrives on an investment in neuroplasticity,


...and true change happens one step at a time~


"EMOTION drives attention.

              ATTENTION drives memory.

                             MEMORY drives learning."

                                     -Robert Sylwester

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Reading & Textual Analysis ~

Sandra's special method of reading support has been taught to hundreds of students in both middle and upper school classes, with all kinds of readers and wonderful results. Her work is based on the latest research in neuroscience, which studies the pathways of learning in the brain and taps into our best resources for creative intelligence, critical thinking, and innovative reasoning.


The Writing Process ~

Drafting essays can feel daunting and disappointing, especially when the only comments you get from teachers are criticisms....School might seem a bit like a never-ending tunnel of revisions without rewards--but Sandra inspires students to discover a wisdom inside that is authentic and original.

Client at the Corner
"...You are magic with students."

-Donna V., Former Colleague

Students who work with Sandra learn that writing is a process of discovery--and that all authors go through many steps to arrive at an organized, expressive, innovative essay.
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Sandra's students discover that writing offers a doorway to personal power as they learn to articulate a VOICE that's one-in-a-million: their own.
Corner family
By helping clients to see their ideas of originality clearly, Sandra helps students to develop the confidence to risk new angles of analysis and assert a unique perspective that teachers love!
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 ~ Support with College Essays ~'s all about crafting your unique story...

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"Miss Clifton is my OXYGEN~!"

-Lucy, Freshman at the Professional Children's School

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