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Gifted:  What Does That Mean?

An Explanation of Giftedness:

"Giftedness in an inherent neurodiversity which can result in--

* a more insightful, profound, and complex view of the world,

* a propensity for being highly sensitive and more emotionally reactive,

* an insatiable curiosity,

* advanced cognitive functions,

* advanced perceptivity and intuition,

* superior intellectual abilities,

* asynchronous development...

Gifted children and gifted adults experience the world through a magnifying lens which amplified incoming stimuli, often resulting in the need to dig deeper, expound on, question, and solve the issue with which they are presented.  Not meeting this need for more can cause distress, anger, frustration, and behavioral reactions."

-Celi Trepanier is the author of the GHF Press book, Educating Your Gifted Child,

and is the owner and writer of Crushing Tall Poppies, a popular website about giftedness.

She is also the Editorial Chair on the Board of Directors for GHF Learners

and sits on the Advisory Board for The G Word film and documentary.