Sandra is a seasoned educational therapist who designs learning interventions specifically for your child's current academic needs and individual challenges.

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"Hope leads to far better outcomes than despair." 

-Ned Hallowell

• Are you dismayed by the lack of enthusiasm and/or energy

your child expresses about school?

• Does your daughter/son have trouble anticipating due dates?

• Are you constantly pushing your child for more personal investment on

assignments and extra-curricular opportunities?

• Is your child tired of “trying his best” and still not receiving positive results

for his effort in class?

• Do you struggle to understand teachers’ expectations and comments

for your daughter/son’s essays and reports?

• Are you at a loss about how to guide your child towards motivation at

school, and overwhelmed by a variety of academic demands?

• Does your kiddo have an upset tummy or headaches before tests and presentations?

* There is hope! *

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Clients at the Corner develop confidence and resilience ~

Sandra understands that sometimes students need individualized attention to tap into their unique way of learning, processing instructions, and juggling a variety of school demands.

"The differences are personal.

The diagnosis is clinical.

The treatment is educational.

The understanding is scientific." 

-Margaret Byrd Rawson & Roger Saunders


Executive Functioning

Sandra has worked with countless students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and celebrates neurodiversity.

             Dyslexia ~

Sandra loves helping middle and high school students dissect and discover the "underlying agenda" in novels, poems and plays.

         NVLD / CAPD

Sandra understands that kids with neural processing need scaffolding to demonstrate their knowledge.

        Academic Anxiety

Sandra knows that brains can't learn when they don't feel safe, and she creates a supportive space for students to face new challenges, risk and grow.

              Test Stress

Sandra gets it:  students under a lot of pressure can study hard but then choke--so we create strategies of support to succeed.

      Exceptional Children

Gifted kids learn differently and process concepts in unique ways--they might even do assignments "out of the box."  We navigate those waters together.

    Processing & Memory

Without the right tools, kids can lose their place...Sandra creates innovative ways to keep up with the pace!

"Hope" is the thing with feathers--

That perches in the soul--

And sings the tune without the words--

And never stops at all--

-Emily Dickinson