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Rates & Services

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Educational therapists provide ongoing case management, and that care is multifaceted, so the rate of a standard session includes many angles of additional services--outside of regular weekly appointments--often involving:


* additional research/study

* review of psycho-educational evaluations

* connection with allied professionals and possible referrals

* collaboration with the school learning team, academic counselors and/or dean

* parent support (phone calls, emails, and strategy sessions)

* professional development and expert training

* possible IEP/504 Meetings

* school observations


As a professionally certified coach, licensed master teacher, and seasoned educational planner, my approach is unique and designed to create a coaching structure of success for students and their families.  I have served hundreds of individuals with complex, neurodiverse profiles, including:  slow/er processing speed, poor working memory, disorganization & social frustration, Giftedness, Twice Exceptionality, Dyslexia, ADHD, and puzzling emotional struggles with perfection, procrastination, academic anxiety and motivation. 


Although there are common threads in many of these cases, each student's challenges are completely idiosyncratic and ever-changing, so my interventions are tailored accordingly, with a delicate balance of evidence-based approaches and completely personalized strategies.  Therefore, this work together is both a commitment and an investment to improve the learning landscape, for now and many years to come.


  During an Initial Family Consultation at the Clifton Corner, we explore scheduling possibilities, corresponding fees, and eligibility for a sliding scale--along with the best approach for a learning plan.  As a Board Certified Educational Therapist in private practice, I work with families outside the medical model, and am unable to either a) process insurance claims or b) to provide a diagnosis.  Please note that predictions of the scope of work needed for a student 's progress requires a full intake and cannot be predicted in advance of meeting with a client in person, reviewing required documents, and conducting essential assessments--often in tandem of working with a student for several sessions.


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