Time to Take Flight ~

                   “It’s not the learning difference,

                        it’s the anxiety created

by the learning issue.”

                                                        ~ Max Brooks, Author

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Complimentary Consult

The first step is to reach out.  Just send me an email and we'll schedule a time to chat on the phone to trade notes about what's happening with your family...

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Initial Meet & Greet

The second step is to meet together at the Clifton Corner to see if we're a good fit for your kiddo.  It's a nice time to visit face-to-face at my private practice at Southern Village and trade notes. 


Sessions with Sandra

It's a match!  Sessions with Sandra are held at least once a week in my office (or via Skype ) and we begin the journey of facing challenges with fresh vision and new strategies!

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Sessions with Sandra are individualized around your child's needs and current academic challenges. 

Sandra believes in the potential of each child to grow and face new challenges with

increased resilience and confidence.

As a response to school stress, students are often dissected, labeled, and urged to "remedy the problem" of their underachievement and perform up to potential. But Sandra believes that young people are fun, not flawed, and that teens are incredibly creative and capable. Frequently, it is society's approach to education that is broken--and sometimes kids just need a little help to navigate and negotiate through a tough situation.  “Emotions are the on/off switch to learning.” writes Priscilla Vail, author of Smart Kids with School Problems, so often the first part of the process is to help students (and their families) reinvest in what is working well right now--and then build on what can happen next.

This shift at school often starts through making positive changes on the inside, by developing stronger self-esteem through learned optimism, and by making different choices on the outside with personal planning, study habits, nutrition, organization, rest, and healthy relationships.

In each session, we increase academic confidence by identifying what is working--not what is weak. Instead of emphasizing external achievement, we focus on the inner joy of learning. Corner Kids are coached how to consistently prepare for class, develop new tools for thinking, engage in the journey of discovery, and create innovative approaches to problem-solving. As a result, independent, optimistic individuals emerge in the place of formerly stressed students who were anxiety-ridden about their ability to jump through the next intellectual “hoop” or struggling to find their voice in the crowd...


...are discussed in person, during the Initial Family Consultation...

Sessions for support at the Corner are held weekly during three-month chapters,

at a standard rate discussed during the Initial Meet & Greet, in accordance with your child's

specific learning profile.  Sandra is dedicated to a select number of families in her private practice

who reserve a regular appointment--sometimes for years.  If your child is a good fit for the Corner

and you are encountering financial strain, Sandra does offer a sliding scale

for families in need at a reduced rate.

Sessions are held at the Corner or via Skype/ FaceTime / Coaching Calls

Writing Support

Sometimes students encounter writers block, and need assistance with the process of composing a well-crafted essay.

Executive Function Coaching

We all need support with organization, focus, and follow-through!

Learning Differences

Your child may (or may not) have a diagnosed challenge through an IEP, 504Plan, or a psycho-educational evaluation.

Parent Coaching

We work together as a team to build bridges of student support at home, as extensions of successful sessions!

School Outreach

Sandra reaches out to partner with teachers, learning specialists, academic deans, administrators, and other support staff to collaborate and communicate about coordinating goals for your child's progress.

Critical Thinking Skills

As a former English teacher, Sandra loves to foster literacy and tools of analysis in all subjects!

* Student Success *

My daughter has been seeing Sandra now for two months and has already made some great strides. After only the very first meeting, we had learned some great tips from Sandra that had an immediate impact on a couple of areas she struggles with on a daily basis. Since then, my daughter looks forward to her weekly session, and has been gaining in confidence and enthusiasm in the classroom. Sandra is truly an integral part of my daughter's team--working closely with us (her parents), her teacher, and my daughter--valuing her as a person and helping her to recognize and utilize her talents. I feel lucky that we have found Sandra!

Linda Gilbert, The Wharton School--

Parent of 5th Grader