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College Essays


Hey Seniors, it's summer,

and time for the Common Application!

Call Sandra for expert support with your essays

and supplemental pieces~


Student Success

“Even though grades and SAT scores are a huge part of whether you get accepted to a school or not, from my experience, if you write a great essay, that can make a huge difference. Ms. Clifton helped me organize all my thoughts and present a synthesized essay, which I believed pushed my applications over the edge. I am going to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I was told they had 27,000 applicants and only accepted about 5,000 students and I am thrilled to be one of them. I appreciate everything she did for me and could not have done it without her.”

~Michaela Goldin, Professional Children's School--NYC

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Your Signature Voice

Sandra is a Certified Educational Planner who understands how to highlight your child's strengths so that your son or daughter’s voice shines through their personal essay statements and short answer responses. Colleges want to hear the unique stories and experiences of your youth, and Sandra has spent over 25 years

empowering seniors to claim their unique path on paper.

At each step of the process, Sandra provides:

* guidance while drafting & crafting the application essay

* strategic support for exploring school choices

* preparation for auditions & interviews

* confidence coaching

“As a sophomore in a private school in Brooklyn, our son was one of the first students who attended sessions at the Clifton Corner. Our family can attest to the outstanding support and help he received over three years. Sandra Clifton correctly assessed that his issues involved improving my son’s confidence, and she spent time brainstorming priorities around his various academic demands, helping our son to better organize his time and plan ahead for assignments and projects.


Sandra’s support and feedback to him and us helped enormously...

Sandra was a supportive and insightful resource during senior year as he navigated applying to colleges. He relied on her for feedback on the multiple college essays, as well as exploring the merits of various schools. Because they knew one another so well, Sandra coached our son to express himself grammatically as well as to highlight his personality in the essays more than his college counselor and English teacher could.


We are thrilled to report that he was accepted and/or wait-listed to every college he applied, and launched into freshman year this fall as a responsible, independent young adult in the college of his choice with a sizable scholarship, due in part to the outstanding support from Sandra Clifton and the Corner.”

-S.O., Brooklyn Parent of a Freshman

at Kalamazoo College

"I am still learning."

-Michelangelo, age 87

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