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Are you a parent -or- a professional who needs a little direction or some clarification?

Whether you're a parent encountering power struggles at home with a pre-teen, a professional wanting to start (or improve) your private practice, or a disenchanted writer/artist who has a great idea but no idea how to pursue it--coaching can help.

Schedule a strategy session with Sandra to gain insight about your priorities, create a plan to follow your creative vision, and gain support for taking the next best steps.

Educators need support as well....As a former instructor of Educational Therapy at the University of California-Riverside and a Yale University Program Coach for teachers (as well as 16 years in the classroom) I understand the many demands in our school systems (both public and private--) and can offer additional perspective, support, and strategies for your professional path and personal work-life balance.

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Schedule a Strategy Session with Sandra consults, accommodation questions, finding resources, gaining inspiration...

( -via Conference Calls, Skype, FaceTime, or GoogleChats- )

"I have to thank you so much. You will never know what our ONE conversation sparked in me.

You are an amazing, talented, gifted, 'cheerleader'.  In a lot of ways you gave me the courage to move forward where before I was stuck.

You made me 'stick to it' and keep going. This will sound crazy, but you made me see my life as a storyline...

there will always be pitfalls and peaks, but in this story I have a tremendous amount of control of how it all plays out."      

-Lisa F., International Blogger

Please Note:  this offer is for one-time or sporadic support,

and not my regular rate for sessions of educational therapy/academic coaching.


"The willingness to consider possibility requires

a tolerance of uncertainty."

-Rachel Naomi Remen

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